The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program

No more stress, anxiety or fear!

Designed specifically for corporate & business professionals

Transform your anxiety, stress and fear into confidence, poise and enthusiasm!

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The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program is specifically designed to help corporate and business professionals develop peace of mind with public speaking so they can present any information to any audience with confidence, poise and enthusiasm.

The goal is to help change the way you see public speaking by defusing the destructive fear, anxiety and stress triggers that keep you in a fear-based mindset.

The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program provides practical and proven tools to help develop a positive and empowering  approach that strengthens your inherent skills and confidence and enables the real you – your genuine and authentic self – to naturally shine.

The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program was created by Anthony Lindan, a veteran workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and corporate entertainer. The program draws on Anthony’s unique experience and insights learned during a 20 year career delivering thousands of presentations to corporate and business audiences across North America.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why you need to approach public speaking with an attitude of peace of mind.
  • Four secrets that will change how you see public speaking and help you develop peace of mind.
  • How to defuse your fear based thinking with a simple 3 step process.
  • How to develop and project your inherent and authentic confidence.
  • The critical 3 confidence triggers and 3 universal confidence builders.
  • The new rules of audience engagement.
  • How to be engaging and genuinely connect with your audience.
  • Anthony Lindan’s ground-breaking Thumb Up System that makes it easy to prepare and deliver a winning speech or presentation.
  • How to apply this information and develop your personal peace of mind action plan.

Here’s What You Get

POMPS Product-2Instant download. No physical products shipped. Access the program immediately.


Seven MP3 audio modules with 3 hours of content. Upload the Program to your smart phone or tablet and listen and learn while driving, commuting or on the go.


PDF Workbook – with detailed module summaries and exercises to help you develop and apply your own personalized peace of mind public speaking action plan.

Module 1 – Overview of the Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program

  • This module defines peace of mind and outlines how YOU will benefit from adopting this approach.peace of mind gesture
  • Module run time is 17:00
  • To listen to a 45 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“Thanks Anthony. Since I’ve adopted your peace of mind approach a number of my colleagues have told me that I am now presenting with greater authority and confidence.” – Kathy K. – lawyer, Dallas, TX

Module 2 – The 4 Secrets To Creating Peace Of Mind

  • trade secrets 2The single biggest thing you can do to improve your public speaking results is change your attitude and adopt a positive empowering perspective. These four attitude altering secrets will help you do exactly that.
  • Run time is 18:08
  • To listen to a 54 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“Anthony, your Four Secrets to Develop Peace of Mind have helped me develop a more positive and productive approach to my public speaking. Not only do I feel more confident, my boss recently told me that my presentations are more persuasive and professional.” –  Cindy W. – marketing professional, Vancouver, BC

Module 3Defusing Fear-Based Thinking

  • fearmaleFear-based thinking is fixating on what can go wrong during your speech or presentation and keeps you focused on trying not to make mistakes.
  • This module provides a simple 3 step system to help you defuse this negative mindset and it examines the three most common public speaking fears.
  • Run time is 23:13
  • To listen to a 57 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“I use to dread sales presentation because I was afraid of making mistakes. Your module on eliminating fear-based thinking was particularly helpful for me and I have experienced a marked improvement in my effectiveness.” –  Howard L. – sales executive, Chicago, IL

Module 4 – Confidence

  • This modules answers these critical questions to help you project your natural, authentic confidence:confident asian male
  • What is confidence?
  • Why is confidence so important for the public speaker?
  • How do we project confidence?
  • What are the conditions that can challenge your confidence?
  • How do you develop, nurture and maximize your public speaking confidence?
  • Run time is 35:56
  • To listen to a 57 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“Confidence has always been a big issue for me. It seemed like whenever I stood up to speak my confidence sat down. The confidence module has helped me better identify where I was having problems and take corrective action.” –  Byron G. – teaching assistant, Miami, FL

Module 5 – Audience Engagement

  • engagement audienceThis module outlines the ‘new rules’ of audience engagement.
  • These 3 rules will help you better prepare with ‘engagement’ in mind and guide you to deliver a more compelling speech or presentation.
  • Run time is 24:47
  • To listen to a 38 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“Figuring out how to keep my audience engaged has always been a stress point for me. Thanks to your program I now focus on connecting with the audience instead of trying to put on a show.” – Maria V. – HR professional, Boston, MA

Module 6 – The Thumbs Up System – Preparation

  • Anthony Lindan’s break through Thumbs Up System is an easy-to-use system that helps you remember and implement a series of checklists.thumbs up
  • This module provides a comprehensive  ‘preparation’ checklist  that helps you focus the following key areas: You, Objective, Message, Audience and Stage.
  • 29:56 run time
  • To listen to a 63 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“Anthony’s Thumbs Up System is worth the price of the program alone. Finally, I now have a simple and easy to use system to prepare and delivery my presentations.” – Donna J. – small business owner, Cleveland, OH

Module 7 – The Thumbs Up System – Execution

  • Anthony Lindan’s break through Thumbs Up System is an easy-to-use system that helps you remember and implement a series of checklists.thumbs up
  • This module provides a comprehensive  ‘execution’ checklist  that helps you focus the following key areas: Presence, Energy, Message, Confidence and Engagement.
  • 30:54 run time
  • To listen to a 66 second excerpt click on the arrow here

“Wow, it’s so simple and easy to use. I’m so much more relaxed and calmer since I’ve been using it. I wish I would’ve had the Thumbs Up systems years ago!” – Steve M.  – real estate professional, Toronto, ON

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Body Language Magic – 50 page eBook. Improve the connection with your audience by recognizing their non-verbal cues. Better gauge their interest in you and your message!

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Stress Busting Hypnosis – 30 minute MP3 download file. Harness the power of self hypnosis to reduce your stress. Simply listening to these affirmations is a great way to relax, calm anxiety and re-energize yourself.

NO RISK 30 Day Guarantee

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100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the program we’ll promptly refund your purchase price – NO questions asked!



“The success of everything I do professionally depends on my ability to be an effective public speaker.  Throughout my career I’ve enjoyed many spectacular successes and endured a few gut wrenching failures. These experiences have taught me how to command the stage and better connect with and engage audiences. I truly believe my Peace of Mind Program will help you make public speaking easier and less stressful for you.”

Anthony Lindan – Team Building Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Speaker & Corporate Entertainer

P.S. This program will give you a solid foundation of ‘peace of mind’ to present any information to any audience with confidence, poise and enthusiasm. There’s no fluff or pie in sky theory. This program offers practical insights and strategies developed through trial and error delivering thousands of presentations to discerning corporate and business audiences.

P.P.S. There’s NO risk in purchasing the Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program. You have 30 days to try the program and experience the benefits and the results for yourself with our 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Don’t delay, click on the link and order today!

P.P.P.S. The Peace of Mind Public Speaking program will help you develop a positive and empowering attitude towards public speaking. Imagine how persuasive and effective you’ll be when you replace your stress, fear and anxiety with confidence, passion and enthusiasm. Most importantly this program gives you the tools to unlock your natural confidence and find your authentic voice so you can captivate, motivate and inspire your audience.

Immediate Download. No physical products will be shipped. After purchasing this course, you can download it right away to your computer (PC or MAC), as well as your smart phone, iPad or tablet. The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Course includes the following downloadable files – 7 MP3 modules, PDF workbook, plus 1bonus PDF e-book, and 1 bonus MP3 download file.

POMPS Product-2

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